sabertooth lion head types with a couple available masks.
in-game coloring system - Unity
Sporty outfit with body blendshapes
The Black Beard's beansuit uniform you'll be expected to wear when working at the cafe.
Weird water shader bug, but looked kind of cool
in-game coloring system - Unity
hyena head type - a couple of the available ear types.
RGBA color masking system to hue different sections
parraptor - the parrot raptor hybrid! ..because I don't have any dino heads yet :(
bird options. Body, heads, ears, tails, crests, hands & feet can all be mixed & matched.
playing with the character creator
wolf head type - small selection of available masks
3dCoat - painting the mask for the red panda
3dCoat - painting the mask for the red fox
department store
department store
Setting up patterns & colors for a furniture set
concept doodle for the chupacabra
Mort the Chupacabra finished

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